Sunday, September 23, 2007

Luke's Small Moments

While Joel was running, Luke & I did his fall pictures. The sun wasn't quite in the right place, so I think I'll redo them. But I did get some cute ones! He loved the "waterfalls" and the fact that it's finally fall & there were leaves on the ground!!!! Woo hoo!!! He's so silly though-- and nearly IMPOSSIBLE to take pictures of anymore. This kid does not sit/stand STILL!!!
Does anyone else have a kid that's mastered the "CHEEEESE!!!!" part of taking pictures, but fails to actually look at the camera? Yeah, you will understand, though. I guess I just have to think, "I'm getting his true personality." Right?

On your mark, get set, GO!

I witnessed my first 5K today. Joel got this crazy idea in his head that he wanted to RUN. So about a year ago he started training for triathlons & he completed his first tri this summer. Today was "just" a 5K-- his second Pumpkin Chase Race. I've got to hand it to him-- that's tough stuff-- all those hills and uneven grounds. I'm a proud wife. :)

Mission Completion!

Luke made his announcement before the toy was even on the shelves. He will have this toy for Christmas. From Santa nonetheless. For those of you who don't know, Santa is really mom & dad. That would be us.

I see a shelf-full of Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket when they first came out. That was at the beginning of September... a little early for Christmas shopping. So I obviously didn't get one at that time. Ever since that moment, Pat Pat Rocket has gone missing from all Target shelves. It's this year's "hot item." Of course my child had to pick THAT toy. Of ALL the toys in the world. He picks the ONE toy that is only found in Target stores. And that everyone else finds before me. Ebay prices are ridiculously high-- $60, $70, even $90. No way will I pay that. Sorry, Luke.

We've got a mission! (sing along with me)

So I started an international search via every message board I'm a member on. No one had them instock.

Then, the glorious day came. We had just gotten home from a camping trip in the backyard of my in-law's house. (Well, kind of. I slept inside. But that's a whole 'nother story.) I get on to check the availability in the 90 mile radius around me. What? The Target I was JUST at the night before has PPR AVAILABLE??? I give them a call. They have TWO on the shelf. Yes, they'll hold one for me! My wonderful in-laws agree to go and pick it up. AND they got the other one for us for another friend going through this same ordeal. Oh happy day. Luke will now have a Christmas. Ha ha. The things parents & grandparents do for their kids.

Mission completion!
Saturday, September 22, 2007

Here goes nothing!

I'm a horrible journal-er. So this is my effort to keep track of my life. Not sure what my purpose is yet... maybe just to jot down my thoughts when I feel like it. Or to show off my creations... to vent... to celebrate... to brag on my boys... whatever it is, I'm an open book.

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