Monday, December 31, 2007

One more week...

I love having Christmas at the beginning of my two week break. It makes Christmas vacation seem soooo much longer.

We had a great Christmas... Luke got practically everything he wanted between mommy & daddy, Santa, and both grandmas! Joel & I got a great Christmas gift-- brand new carpet in our dining room, living room & hallway! It makes it look like a brand new house! We love it!

Today is our last Christmas celebration. We are heading to Grandma Romin's in just a little less than a half hour. My aunt & uncle from Chicago and my aunt & uncle from Iowa will both be there. Then tonight I think we're both looking forward to being HOME. We'll bring in the new year together-- Joel on his video game and me doing digital scrapbooking. ha ha!
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Luke's Visit with Santa

This was it.  The year Luke wasn't afraid to see Santa!  I've been waiting for this day my whole life.  Okay, maybe not quite.  But it was fun to see the excitement grow as we were waiting in line.  Luke was excited to talk to his "life" even-- Mrs. Santa-- while we were waiting.  Grandma K & I had prepped Luke on what kinds of things he wants for Christmas.  We really wanted to make sure he asked Santa for things he was really going to get, so Santa wouldn't disappoint.  Luke walks up & Santa tells him how big he's getting.  Then, he asks him the big question... "What do you like to eat, Luke?"  WHAT????  What does he like to eat???  What kind of Santa are you?  But, being a good little boy who doesn't want Santa to bring him coal, Luke replies, "Carrots."  Ha ha!!!  And then Santa was done with him.  Is that not that weirdest thing ever?  Luke looked at us and said, "He asked me what I like to eat!  But I got a coloring book & a candy cane, anyway."  We told him Santa must already know what he wants for Christmas; that's why he didn't ask.  
Sunday, December 9, 2007

An unbelieveable peace

Some of you may know that the week before Thanksgiving, we finally found out we were expecting our second child.  This came as a big surprise after we had been trying for almost two years.

Sadly, this weekend we lost our baby at a little more than seven weeks.  Yes, we're sad about it, never knowing this little person here on earth.  However, the peace I'm feeling is absolutely incredible.  God is amazing & he is taking care of me.  He has shown me what a special little boy we already have and I'm loving him even more than ever.  Even if we never have another baby, we sure scored with the one we've got!

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