Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Procrastination Edition

Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.

~Mark Victor Hansen

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: A new chore system for Luke

First thing this summer I created this beauty of a chore chart for Luke.

[insert "oooooohhhs" and "ahhhhhhhs" here]

It worked for a week. Seriously. ONE week. I'm horrible at remembering to remind Luke to do his chores. He's horrible at remembering to do them. Half the time I ended up doing them myself, out of habit. Which totally defeats the purpose of having chores. Right? Right.

So I came up with a new system today. I love it. It lets Luke make his own choices and makes him be responsible for remembering to do the chores. In other words... all pressure off mom! WOOT!

I made a new chart. But it's not really a chart. It's a list of chores that he can choose to do. And each chore is "worth" a certain number of rocks.

He can do all of the chores in one day. He can do nothing for a week. Or ever, really. It's his call. However, his mom and dad (that's us) will only be buying him things for holidays from now on. So if he wants that new Lego City set, he has to work for it. Whoa nelly it's gonna be a hard lesson to learn for him- this little boy who is so used to getting pretty much whatever he wants.

So you're probably wondering what these rocks are? Well, along with the chart (pictured above), we have two jars. Jar #1 is labeled, "rocks waiting to be earned." Jar #2 is labeled, "rocks Luke has earned." Before we started, Jar #1 was jam-packed full of river rocks. Jar #2 was empty. (see below)

We explained to Luke how the new system works. You do a chore, you get X amount of rocks in Jar #2. You don't do the chores, you don't get rocks.
(Luke thinks, "Yeah so what's in it for me?) Now, when Jar #2 is full and Jar #1 is empty, Luke gets ten dollars!

Oh I wish you could have seen his eyes light up! He is so motivated right now. He got up and went right to his room and started cleaning.

Now there are some guidelines to this little game we're playing.

1. He has to do the chore on his own... without us asking him to do it. So if we try to walk in his room and can't get past the doorway because of the Lego fort blocking the way and we say, "Luke, you need to clean your room up." No rocks.
(Aren't we the meanest parents ever?)

2. After his chore is finished, he has to come to us and tell us. We check it to make sure it's a quality job. THEN he can put his rocks in the earned jar.

3. There are opportunities to earn extra rocks. If he has a particularly good attitude about going to bed, for example, he may get an extra rock. If he offers to help with one of mom and dad's chores and does a superior job, extra rocks.

4. I've guesstimated that the earning time will be about two weeks, if he stays motivated. That's $5 a week, which is actually less than the old chore chart system.

I'm super excited about this... hopefully it will not only teach Luke to take on some household responsibility but also about saving his money and waiting to get something he wants. I'll keep you posted!

Tidbit Tuesday: a new system

Tidbit #1: I want to start blogging again. But I never know what to write about. So I have sat (sitted? sitten? satted?) myself down and made up a daily schedule to use just in case I have nothing else to write about. It goes as so...

Meals on Monday- anything from menu planning to favorite recipes to how would you use this ingredient...

Teacher Tuesday or Tidbit Tuesday, depending on my mood- Tidbit Tuesdays will be just that. Little bits of knowledge or randomness from me. Teacher Tuesdays could include a fun children's book, a math tidbit, or a funny story from school.

Wise Words on Wednesday- quotes, verses, etc. that are on the front of my mind that week

Thankful Thursday- there are millions of things to be thankful for... just a little reminder for me to take some time to thank God for those millions of things, but specifically

Family Friday- could be photos... family stories... I may even get all mushy-gushy on you.

Speechless Saturday- favorite photos from that week or I may take you back a few years and reminisce.

Scrapping Sunday- a time to share the layouts I did that week... if I did anything. :)

So there ya have it. We'll see how well I keep up with it. But if Joel can do it, so can I dang it.

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