Saturday, April 26, 2008

My new nephew

Brodie Elijah was born a week and a half ago. He came over today so I could take a few pictures of him. :) I've forgotten how easy it is to photograph a newborn compared with an active four-year-old. I managed to take a mere 90-ish pictures! Here are a few of my favorites....

What happened to my scaredy-cat little boy!?

Last night was our city-wide Arbor Day Celebration. Luke & I decided it would be a fun thing to do... and it was!

They had little stations set up around the pavilion-- make a bird feeder from a pinecone, peanut butter & birdseed; a balloon man that made balloon sculptures; be a tree vest making; and the educational booths like composting (they were very impressed that we already DO compost!); wind & solar power education; and a cool company that recycles bikes! After we finished, Luke saw the "tree climbing" over in the park. "I wanna do that, mom!" Me, thinking, yeah RIGHT, he'll do that. This wasn't any ol' tree climb. This was a "pretend you're rock climbing" tree climb... with the gear and all! So we stood in the forever long line. I thought for sure he'd watch 2-3 other kids and decide that no way, he wasn't going to do that. Boy was I wrong! My little boy is growing up! Whaaaa!

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